The Trend in Garden Rooms For Working From Home

In 2022, finding a place to work at home will be one of the biggest issues for many employees and business owners. With the rise and popularity of working both and the office – finding somewhere quiet where you’ll be undisturbed will be key.

We spent too long sitting in a cramped spaces like on the kitchen counter or on a dining room table, and it doesn’t make for an inspiring workspace.

If you’re interested in starting a new work routine, the following tips can help make things better.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Home Working

For a long time, it was seen as an advantage to work from home. However, the desire for a short commute is now something that people realise they can have.

It is widely accepted that the global pandemic has had a significant impact on how people live their lives. For example, out of the year’s 365 days, commuters spent an average of 492 travelling to and from work.

Smaller businesses are now seeing the financial benefits of giving up office space and focusing their efforts on working remotely. They’re also noticing the advantages for their own staff of working from home!

The idea is that working from home has many benefits, like a better work-life balance.

Although somewhat true, some of the latest figures show that employees will clock off later than usual because they need to switch-off from work, even when they want to leave the office.

We’ve seen a growing number of clients upgrade their gardens to include garden offices because they offer either a work station or simply space for relaxation. They’re able to make the most out of their garden by creating a place where they can take refuge from the house and still be productive.

If you are looking at a home or garden office, garden rooms Essex are bespoke buildings filled with the perfect balance of home and work. It can provide a home-office without all the distracting beeps and notifications, yet when it’s time to call it a day, you can shut down your computer and go enjoy some downtime.

With its durable outer, a garden room isn’t just for summer. You’ll be able to work all year round, meaning you can have a great office environment that matches your unique style! Whether you are looking to change the size of your garden or want more floor space for a summer shed, we have something for everyone. With sizes starting at 4m² and scaling all the way up to 30m² in width and depth, we’re sure to have what you need.

Will Planning Permission Be Required for My Garden Room?

Garden rooms often don’t need planning permission. The British Government defines a garden room as an outbuilding, so you don’t need to ask the council before having one built.

Which Company Should You Choose For Your Garden Building?

Essex Garden Rooms provide a customisable turn-key solution for garden offices, with plenty of options to suit all customers. We cover the Essex area, Chelmsford, Colchester and Basildon with our reliable and punctual team of fitters. We are highly reviewed with top of the range garden office products, so call us today for a chat about your project.…

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