The Trend in Garden Rooms For Working From Home

In 2022, finding a place to work at home will be one of the biggest issues for many employees and business owners. With the rise and popularity of working both and the office – finding somewhere quiet where you’ll be undisturbed will be key.

We spent too long sitting in a cramped spaces like on the kitchen counter or on a dining room table, and it doesn’t make for an inspiring workspace.

If you’re interested in starting a new work routine, the following tips can help make things better.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Home Working

For a long time, it was seen as an advantage to work from home. However, the desire for a short commute is now something that people realise they can have.

It is widely accepted that the global pandemic has had a significant impact on how people live their lives. For example, out of the year’s 365 days, commuters spent an average of 492 travelling to and from work.

Smaller businesses are now seeing the financial benefits of giving up office space and focusing their efforts on working remotely. They’re also noticing the advantages for their own staff of working from home!

The idea is that working from home has many benefits, like a better work-life balance.

Although somewhat true, some of the latest figures show that employees will clock off later than usual because they need to switch-off from work, even when they want to leave the office.

We’ve seen a growing number of clients upgrade their gardens to include garden offices because they offer either a work station or simply space for relaxation. They’re able to make the most out of their garden by creating a place where they can take refuge from the house and still be productive.

If you are looking at a home or garden office, garden rooms Essex are bespoke buildings filled with the perfect balance of home and work. It can provide a home-office without all the distracting beeps and notifications, yet when it’s time to call it a day, you can shut down your computer and go enjoy some downtime.

With its durable outer, a garden room isn’t just for summer. You’ll be able to work all year round, meaning you can have a great office environment that matches your unique style! Whether you are looking to change the size of your garden or want more floor space for a summer shed, we have something for everyone. With sizes starting at 4m² and scaling all the way up to 30m² in width and depth, we’re sure to have what you need.

Will Planning Permission Be Required for My Garden Room?

Garden rooms often don’t need planning permission. The British Government defines a garden room as an outbuilding, so you don’t need to ask the council before having one built.

Which Company Should You Choose For Your Garden Building?

Essex Garden Rooms provide a customisable turn-key solution for garden offices, with plenty of options to suit all customers. We cover the Essex area, Chelmsford, Colchester and Basildon with our reliable and punctual team of fitters. We are highly reviewed with top of the range garden office products, so call us today for a chat about your project.…

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Tips For Caring For Young Trees

If you’ve planted trees recently, now is a really crucial time for them. Winter can be tough on young trees which means it’s critical to give them as much TLC as possible. It’s also important to make sure they don’t come into contact with harsh chemicals such as insecticides and weed killers (pruning and weeding should be safe). – Keep your trees thriving year-round with these tree care tips.

If you’ve lost your leaves, you can look for the green by taking some twigs and peeling back the bark. You can do this by scraping the top with your fingernails or cutting it with a knife. If there are still buds, they indicate that it is alive. Be sure to fill in the gaps in soil when watering your plants. This way, the water won’t stay on the surface of the ground and it can be absorbed by the roots.

Pat with your foot to make sure the new soil has settled firmly. Remove excess water from around trees that may have been damaged by frost by channeling it away from the plant.

You need to water trees the first couple of years of their life, especially if there are no leaves to shade it. This is even more crucial during a drought year.

The best way to prepare the soil around a tree is by applying a thick layer of natural mulch. Avoid applying it directly to the trunk – this can carry viruses and other diseases.

When done, you must ensure all mulch is dispersed evenly over the top, leaving no gaps from from one side to the other. Wrapping your tree’s roots in burlap can help protect them against extreme cold weather. It also helps maintain the moisture in soil.

Trees need protection from pesky animals, so put some guards on and around them. This will help stop pests from eating buds and leaves, or peeling off the bark. Check guards in spring and autumn, make sure they are not rubbing the tree or missing bark.

If you’re not satisfied with your current protection, you should consider adding more guards. For example, if protection from deer is something you need, add a taller fence. Replace or adjust any guards that have caused any damage to the tree. Remove them when the risk of damage is gone.

To prevent breakage, keep your tree staked for the first year of its life. This will help reduce breakage and improve its resilience to strong winds. Make sure that there is some loose space left; this will encourage trunk growth.

It is important to check that the stake and string will allow the tree to sway. I would remove the stake of your tree when it gets too tightly bound. Test the tree to see if it will stand on its own by loosening the tie. If it stays upright, don’t need to keep it tied down. If the tree leans and starts to lean over roots, shorten the stake.

In order to ensure a healthy and happy tree, make sure to clear away any weeds or long grass from the area where you want to plant it. It should be outfitted with a mulch mat, bark or brushwood chipping when planted in ideal conditions.

Mulch will help retain moisture near the roots, preventing them from drying out. It also reduces the competition for growing light and water. Plus, it keeps lawn mowers away from your tree to reduce turf damage.

If you want to prevent rodents from damaging your tree, mulching around the tree’s trunk is an easy way to keep them away. You could also use pest repellents when planting new trees. Check trees regularly for pests – if you see any, scrape them off and put tree guards around the tree to keep other pests away. If the tree is 3m tall then remove the wire cage.

Some people think that cutting branches back can be controversial as it leaves the tree unable to grow as much as it should. Listen to concerns from your local tree surgeon in North London before pruning trees in the winter. New growths struggle when there is difficult weather in winter.

Getting rid of one of the competing leads when there are two, to leave only one dominate shoot, can be beneficial for the tree. Make sure to cut down broken or struggling branches without removing the collar (called the bulge near trunk), close to the trunk. Cut straight across evenly to avoid damaging more than necessary.

To make sure a new tree grows up to be healthy, you should give it a little bit of love during the cold winter. Spring is around the corner and it’s time to take care of our plants! You should check your plants annually in March or April.

Happy tree caring!…

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Designing A Garden For Clients and Nature

You either want to include more natural elements into your garden but don’t have the time or inclination. Or you’re a garden designer who can’t seem to put these elements in their brief for fear that it will cause an unwanted workload.

Low-maintenance plants in the garden like daphne and hellebores provide sustenance for insects during winter.

The garden can be a great place to relax, entertain, and spend time with the kids. It should never feel like a burden.

A garden has a calming effect and is often close to homes and the natural world.

Many garden briefs ignore how nature can help you. They often focus on pushing away the trees and plants that clean the air, create wildlife corridors across cities etc. We often overlook and disregard the natural beauty in our efforts to maintain a yard – we lay more artificial grass, cut down trees, and even pave entire gardens for easy maintenance.

The Room Outside

The idea of outdoor living spaces is nothing new, but it has become increasingly popular over time. It has become especially relevant in the last two decades as programs like Groundforce on TV make it seem like an extension of your home space. Though our gardens can often act as extensions of our living space, they are not technically considered rooms.

One example of this is how calling a garden an “outdoor room” has become commonplace, influencing the way people tend to design gardens. If the garden is a room, it should look beautiful all year round and if it’s not a room, then it only needs a quick clean every now and again, just like the living space inside your home.

The design should be as low-maintenance as possible, which means minimal mowing, weeding, leaf-blowing and pruning.

What Nature-friendly Garden Can Give You

A 2015 ‘Nature Challenge’ was run by The Wildlife Trusts. Participants were asked to participate in one ‘wild’ activity every day for a month, with regular feedback on their experience. The challenge turned out to be just as good for the spirit, with participants scoring themselves in better health than at the start.

Simple activities such as feeding wild birds and planting flowers that attract bees had a surprisingly beneficial effect, with an increase of 30% in people reporting themselves in excellent health by the end of the challenge.

Other research has shown how a view of nature can decrease the need for painkillers, aid healing, rest the mind and reduce negative emotions.

Research into human development shows that children are particularly keen to explore the natural world. It is crucial that they have the chance to do so for their own happiness and progress.

Nature plays an important role in our health. We’ve all heard the saying “Go outside, play and enjoy nature!” It’s much easier said than done.

Nature-friendly gardens can provide many benefits for children and adults alike, especially by offering opportunities for rest & relaxation.

How Landscaping Companies Get Involved

Bosnia Landscapes is passionate about the environment and we want to care for it together.

Being part of an industry that is at the very heart of producing natural solutions is extremely satisfying. We can help people find distance from life, or we can create a simpler situation that blends in with Nature.

If we take care to nurture it, it will provide us with all of the benefits mentioned.

Create Gardens That Benefit Clients and Nature

What will happen to your garden or the gardens of your clients? While we are not advocating for wild gardens, we are looking at how the space can be used to promote enjoyment.

Our gardens are award-winning and have a high level of hard landscaping. They have formal designs and minimalist planting. Rather than telling you what it should and shouldn’t look like, we carefully select our materials and plants to make sure they will complement your garden.

Our garden design specialists can help you create a plan that suits your needs and includes nature-friendly elements so you can have a garden that contributes to the environment. Low-maintenance gardens are not the only thing you need to install in a garden.

Other things like a water feature, benches, an arbour can pick up your design if done properly. You can bring the wonders of nature closer to your window with a more sustainable design. That way, you don’t have to travel as far to enjoy the natural landscapes local flora and fauna have to offer.

Bosnia Landscaping has a deep understanding of how to make small changes in your garden that make a big impact and provide you with a space where you can live and relax.

You can attract wildlife to your garden by planting bushes, trees, and flowering plants or you can plant grasses and flowers by the lawn. One option is to have a small pond while minimizing any routine lawn-mowing. We have a lot of resources available to design a sustainable garden for you. The result will be an interesting garden all year long.

We understand the importance of business to be Nature-friendly and we offer services to take your design to the next level. Whether you need a gardener, landscaper, or interior designer, our team is always here. If you’d like to make small changes to your garden to help wildlife, we are happy to advise.

Alternatively, if you would like to make some changes, however small, to your existing garden with a view to supporting wildlife and are wondering what you could reasonably do, we’re happy to advise.…

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